Ocean Kitchen

Dutch designer Robert Kolenik has combined this kitchen island with a fully functional aquarium.

The large aquarium is topped with an L-shaped slab of Corian that effortlessly lifts up at the press of a button, giving you access to the top of the tank. And while the piece may look minimal, the Ocean Kitchen comes complete with hidden storage that helps keep your space organized. Each aquarium is limited edition and customized based on where it’s installed. For fans of tropical fish, this could be the perfect addition to your home.


Adobe Caslon Type Specimen


Fint Technique.20140726
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Visual creations entitled “Curve descent pattern” by Oleg Soroko created with 3DS Max and Photoshop.


(via Egbert Baqué Contemporary Art Berlin)
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Mies Van Der Rohe, Crown Hall, Chicago, 1952-53

Image Credits: Chicago Historical Society


We’re pleased to announce a new in-store feature coming to Heath SF and LA this August. Heath Finds will be a recurring showcase featuring the works of designers, artists, and makers from our community who inspire. 

Pieces by Bay Area designer Silvia Song will be on display for our first Heath Finds installment August 15 - September 15. Her explorations in woodwork are, in a word, stunning.

Take a peek at her work above, and come meet Silvia in person at Heath SF on Saturday, August 16, from 2-4pm. Discover for yourself why we’re so excited by Silvia’s work.


Minimal Space Shirt Original:
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MIES VAN DER ROHE, Crown Hall, Illinois Institue of Technology, 1950-1956. / Only An Echo
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Zdzislaw BeksinskiSwirls C. 1958
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Sandra Gramm, solar altitude, Berlin 2014
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Bridget RileyBroken Circle. 1963.
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Miller & Maranta - Market hall, Aarau 2002. Love the details; none of the structural members or walls appear to hit the ground. Via, 2. Photos (C) Reudi Walti & Olivier Malclès.


Kamppi Centre by Helin & Co Architects, Helsinki, Finland
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Canvas  by  andbamnan